About the Band

Jesse Watson
Megan Hudson
Tomoki Sage
Kyle Dannert
Peter Lack
Tim Halpin

Hailing from all reaches of the country, the members of  Uncle Funk were hand-selected in 2013 to form the ultimate party/dance band. Uncle Funk has formed into a tightly knit, finely tuned musical experience. Members of Uncle Funk and the Dope 6 have shared stages with everyone from Little Feat and Prince to Los Lobos and Willie Nelson.

Our mission as a band is simple: To provide you and your guests with high quality danceable music to make your party an event to be remembered by all.

Contact info:

Tim Halpin

3 thoughts on “About the Band

  1. Love your band but had to tell your sound guy to stop talking. His goal was to talk louder than the band so his friend could be heard. Concert on the dock dock July 18.


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